The handwriting on the wall means the grandchildren found the crayons. ~Author Unknown

Periwinkle, aquamarine, bittersweet, sepia, and cornflower. As a child, I discovered  new and exotic names in my box of 64 crayons. The mixture of colors invited me to create, design, and break from typical color-choice rules. Carnation pink elephants drank from mahogany water beneath burnt orange clouds. 

But one rule I refused to break: coloring outside the lines. To produce the picture I desired, I always colored within the lines. I respected the lines; they were necessary to create my finished product. I enjoyed freedom within the lines as I mixed and matched my 64 choices.

Last week, I encountered a blank canvas in Walmart’s parking lot. Recently paved,     but missing white lines. The black sea of asphalt without lines caused confusion. Some vehicles explored their line-less freedom and parked willy nilly. I circled several times. Where should I park? How close do I park beside someone? Is it even safe to park here? No lines; no order. I missed my lines.

God knew life without lines would be confusing and hard.

So He wrote love-lines in His Holy Word. Lines and boundaries written from God’s great Love to us. Love-lines to help us live the  life He intended: freedom within His lines and boundaries.

Life is hard. I want lines; I want to know where to park. I need lines. Lines guide me; they keep me safe. Life within lines provides me the freedom to color my world in goldenrod, orchid, or raw sienna.

Several days later, I pulled my car between two white lines in Walmart’s parking lot and rejoiced in the freedom I found there.

God’s boundary lines show us where it’s safe to go and set our hearts free. ~ Renee Swope


  1. I like lines too.

  2. Krista – I too like lines. I am going to use this story again to reflect why God left us lines. In fact, I am going to share it on Facebook right now. Thank you!

    Question: Did you park at Wallmart without lines or wait and go back?

    • Krista

      November 16, 2017 at 9:35 pm

      Hi, Maree Dee
      Thanks for stopping by, reading, and leaving kind words.
      I parked strategically. I parked beside a cart-return island, further away from the store. Then I prayed. 🙂

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