Krista Lynn Campbell

Month: November 2017

never little

Linus Van Pelt nailed it. When he wrapped his beloved blanket around a frail tree in 1965, he loved. Maybe it just needs a little love. His simple gesture demonstrated love for us to follow.  Just a little love. Early this summer, I maneuvered my cart up and down the flower aisles. Displays overflowed with vibrant …

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Vote Open a checking account Enlist in the military Change your name Get married or divorced Sign legal documents and contracts Buy insurance Apply for a credit card Weighty privileges accompany 18th birthdays in the United States. On Saturday, our sponsored son in Tanzania celebrates his 18th birthday. How will Bilali spend his special day? Since …

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They are packed and awaiting their long international trip. Some will travel many miles by rafts, canoes, helicopters, bikes, wagons, and feet. Others on camels, oxen, horses, and elephants. Stretched rubber bands contain bulging treasures. Nine red and green boxes ready for smiles and giggles. Nine boxes for nine little girls. Nine lives changed through …

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It dangled from a peg with the displayed Christmas ornaments. The miniature, rainbow-colored xylophone with its tiny mallet caught my eye. I smiled as I pictured my eight-month old grandson, Cam, banging on his toy xylophone. He creates music only a grandparent can love.  This Christmas, I decided to continue a tradition my mother began …

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The handwriting on the wall means the grandchildren found the crayons. ~Author Unknown Periwinkle, aquamarine, bittersweet, sepia, and cornflower. As a child, I discovered  new and exotic names in my box of 64 crayons. The mixture of colors invited me to create, design, and break from typical color-choice rules. Carnation pink elephants drank from mahogany water beneath burnt …

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