Krista Lynn Campbell

Month: August 2016

open hands

With the close of the  2016 Olympics, I have my evenings back. More time to do whatever I did before the athletes paraded into my life.  No more late nights in the Olympic Zone and counting medals. This geography geek is putting her map away. FYI: Bhutan is in South Asia and has never won …

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I didn’t know

Dear God, I didn’t know the new boy in my eighth grade science class was someone very special. I didn’t know in tenth grade he would become more interesting to me. I didn’t know our separate college years would deepen our bond. I didn’t know there was a ring hidden in the drawer one December …

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back stories

For the remaining 14 nights, you will find me in front of a TV.  Drawn by the lure of  Olympic-size competition, I will arrive with  snacks to watch toned and muscular bodies in action. With regular season football still weeks away, I will receive my sports fix via the race for medals. I will be …

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