Krista Lynn Campbell

Month: May 2016

hello goodbye

Hello goodbye. All in one day; more like 8 short hours. Meeting my 3 sponsored children in Tanzania in a few days will be a fast and furious ride on the emotional roller coaster. Hello goodbye. The Hello time will be a joyous time. Everyone will be full of smiles and anxious nerves too. Hello time will …

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just a touch

She knew it would only take a touch, just a quick one. She was determined and she was desperate. Who wouldn’t be desperate? Enduring a bleeding disease for 12 long years would test my patience and my sanity. How do you describe the feeling of  ‘beyond hopeless’? What does life look like when you are …

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Soap is an American sitcom that originally ran on ABC from 1977-1981. The show was created as a night-time parody of daytime soap operas. A delusional character named Burt thought he could make himself invisible by simply snapping his fingers. snap-snap Some days I want to be invisible too. Oh, to simply snap my fingers …

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Posse: a group of people who have a common purpose. The street-wise, hip definition identifies your posse as your crew, your homies, people who have your back. I feel better  getting out of bed in the morning knowing my homies have my back 🙂 My posse are my ‘go to’ prayer warriors. They don’t ride …

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hunker down

A dear friend has entered a new season of her life: caring for an ill and aging parent. She has become the juggler with too many balls in the air. She is loving on her mom while navigating hospital hallways and deciphering doctor-speak. All in crash-course style. She is a blessing to her mom, but …

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